Our goal with GestureWorks is to create the fastest, most versatile, and most powerful authoring platform for multitouch, sensors, and motion gestures. We have been working toward this goal since 2008 when we first became involved in multitouch.

We believe that new approaches in HCI (human computer interaction), such as multitouch and motion recognition, require a new paradigm in authoring. Simply adding support for a few basic gestures to an existing framework is not enough. The revolution in HCI requires fresh thinking and innovative tools that take full advantage of emerging technologies. We've made a great deal of progress over the last five years developing, and re-developing, GestureWorks.

What Is GestureWorks?

GestureWorks supports 300+ multitouch gestures, many more than any other software framework. GestureWorks also supports the world's first markup language for multitouch and motion recognition, Gesture Markup Language (GML). GML allows gestures to be external and extensible to a compiled application. Gesture-based interaction, including gestures and physical properties like inertia filters, can be modified.

GestureWorks was first, and primarily, designed for multitouch displays and for multiuser interaction - particularly on large touch walls and multitouch tables. However, GestureWorks functions on practically any multitouch-enabled device from phones to massive multiscreen installations. Recently, we've used our own GestureWorks framework to develop a new way to play PC games. GestureWorks Gameplay allows gamers to use and build their own "Virtual Controllers" for touch, making it possible to play traditional PC games on just about any Windows 8 touch device.

GestureWorks and Devices

Our GestureWorks Core framework is incredibly fast, thread safe, and has a minimal CPU load making it well suited for just about any device. Our gesture processing goes beyond tracking X & Y values; GestureWorks provides intelligence about the users actions and intent. Our unique authoring platform is patent pending.

Expanding beyond multitouch displays, we've added basic support for the Leap Motion Controller. GestureWorks can identify touchless input and allow you to map touch points to our existing set of 300+ gestures. We will be defining and adding support for dozens of dedicated 3D, touchless gestures in the coming months.

GestureWorks Speaks Your Language

We believe that developers should be able to work in the languages and frameworks of their choice. Our latest release, GestureWorks Core for C++, .NET(C#, VB), Java, Python, JavaScript(HTML5) is just the beginning. We will extend our Core framework to Ruby, Android, and other languages in the future.

We've also identified key frameworks and have created tutorials to help developers get started in: Cinder, openFrameworks, XNA, Unity 3D, Kivy, Java 2D, Processing and Panda3D. GestureWorks Flash, which has been available since 2009, allows developers to author in ActionScript and deploy apps to Windows, Mac, and via Adobe AIR to iOS and Android.

Gesture Markup Language


GestureWorks is owned and has been developed by Ideum, a company that focuses on creating custom applications and exhibits. Because we are developers too, we understand what it means to work on a deadline and how important it is to deliver compelling applications that perform as expected.

Along with GestureWorks and custom software development, Ideum develops multitouch tables, multitouch coffee tables, and touch walls. Over the last five years we've sold hundreds of our touch tables in more than dozen countries. (We even rent multitouch tables.) We have a deep understanding of multitouch, motion recognition, and HCI hardware.

Our hardware experience is continually applied to the GestureWorks framework. Our experience also means that GestureWorks license holders get informative and expert answers to their support questions.

We would like to acknowledge the Venture Acceleration Fund (VAF), launched by Los Alamos Lab to assist with innovative Northern New Mexico companies, for their support in partially funding GestureWorks.

Thanks for your interest and your support of GestureWorks. Stay tuned as we continue to develop the most comprehensive HCI authoring environment on the planet. There is much more to come. Contact us if you have any comments or questions.

- The GestureWorks Team