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Touch Controls for
Your Favorite Games

GestureWorks Gameplay lets you build and share your own Virtual Controllers for popular PC Games. It is the ultimate companion of Windows 8 tablets, all-in-ones, and Ultrabooks.

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Now available on Steam Now available on Steam Now available on Steam

Your Phone is Now
a Game Controller

Arriving this summer, Version 2 of GestureWorks Gameplay includes Android Remote. With Gameplay 2 you and your friends can play your favorite PC games with custom remote controls on your smartphone or tablet.

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The Most Powerful
Gesture Engine

Develop multitouch applications in C++, .NET / Unity, Java, or Python. GestureWorks Core is available with Ideum multitouch tables and touch walls or can be purchased directly from Ideum.

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Multitouch & HCI Exhibits

Open Exhibits is an ActionScript development environment designed for museums and other public spaces.

(As of March 13, 2014 GestureWorks Flash has merged with Open Exhibits and is now available for free. See the Open Exhibits site for more details & licensing rules.)

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GestureWorks Blog

Keep up with the latest news and developments.

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Creative Services

Work with us to craft world-class
exhibits and interactive experiences.

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Icons + Fonts

Download the most expressive
icono­graphy to represent HCI in your project.

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