GestureWorks Core

GestureWorks Core version 1.5 is a powerful authoring framework and touch point cluster analysis system for multitouch. GestureWorks Core includes a library of over 300 pre-built gestures and includes support for the world’s first markup language for multitouch.

Multiple Languages & Frameworks

GestureWorks Core for C++, .NET (C#), Java, and Python allows you to author in the language of your choice. GestureWorks Core provides standardized development and support for Gesture Markup Language (GML) across multiple languages. We offer detailed tutorial examples showing how to use GestureWorks Core with Cinder, openFrameworks, Unity 3D, and Java 2D.

Advanced Multitouch Framework
for Windows

GestureWorks Core is streamlined to take advantage of Windows Desktop native touch events. GestureWorks-built applications can run on any multitouch or touch-enabled hardware that supports Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. The efficiency of GestureWorks Core means your projects will have extraordinary performance regardless of the hardware device.

Gesture-Based Authoring

GestureWorks Core comes complete with definitions for fully editable and extensible pre-built gestures and the capacity to develop virtually any number of gestures. GestureWorks Core offers support for GML, the world’s first markup language for HCI. Support for physical properties like inertia filters, noise filters, and others are built in.

with Ideum

A lifetime license for GestureWorks Core is included with the purchase of Ideum multitouch tables and touch walls; it is available only to current purchasers of Ideum hardware. Ideum is a leader in high-end integrated touch products. Fortune 500 companies, top universities, research labs, museums, and government agencies have selected Ideum products for their exceptional performance and quality.

Icons & Fonts

The GestureWorks Gesture Library, based on our illustrations, is available for download as both an icon set and a font-family. These illustrations are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license.

Gesture Icons


Gesture Font


Feel free to reproduce or redistribute our font family with attribution. Please attribute them as follows:
Illustrations provided by GestureWorks® (

Software and Support

Contact us to learn more about GestureWorks Core software and support packages.

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