Thank you for your interest in GestureKey. As of March 12, 2014, this product is no longer available.

We decided to suspend sales of GestureKey due to the success of our GestureWorks Gameplay software. As a small, self-funded company we have decided to fully direct our limited programming and design resources into Gameplay, Open Exhibits, and GestureWorks Core.

The support forums are still available for licensed GestureKey owners. The features of GestureKey (including its ability to work with applications authored with OpenGL) are being considered for future development in GestureWorks Gameplay.

The current version of Gameplay targets touch-enabled gaming with functionality similar to that of GestureKey but Gameplay only fully supports game programs as of yet. That said, expect big things as we move forward with GestureWorks Gameplay.

Thanks again for your interest in GestureKey.

- The GestureWorks Team